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Day 13, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

My practice schedule changed today as I was unable to attend Elinore Burke’s Astanga class at the Life Centre, Notting Hill. I did make it to Bridget Stacey Luff’s class at Indaba Yoga Studio where she has been covering Leila Sadahee’s 1:30-3pm class for several weeks.

A small, mixed-level class, Stacey introduced the theme of Saraswati, the goddess of Flow (and knowledge, arts, music, science and technology). She suggested we use the breath to keep flowing throughout the class, and offered us a lovely flowing asana sequence based on her theme.

To accomodate the range of student’s abilities, Stacey gave the class lots of variations and options to increase or decrease the class’ challenge, and we practiced a variety postures such as vrksasana, parsvabakasana, parivtti utkatasana and parivritta hasta padangusthasana.

During savasana Stacey chanted the Anusara invocation, and i was convinced there was an angel in the room. She has an A M A Z I N G voice.

Tomorrow I hope you can join join me for Claudia Dossena’s class at Indaba from 11:15-1:15pm. Happy Friday the Magic 13th!

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