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the pathway to connecting with all there is


We are body, mind, spirit, community and environment.

We are more than the sum of our parts. This means that we are more than a body and a mind; we are more than our belief system and assumed identity.  In practice, yoga is about learning to embrace, and sit with our 'in the present, whole Self'. Sometimes, this can be uncomfortable, when the mind is scattered or sending us negative messages; when the body is tight. Luckily, yoga is for everybody – everybody, that is, who is interested in taking that first step in learning to become aware. 

The process of exploring yoga is sometimes experienced as 'waking up' of sorts: through asana practice there is a widened lens of the body in space, and space in the body. That space in the body contains our entire life story, including our belief systems, emotions and intellect. Being in touch with that space enables an increasingly skillful physicality that includes becoming more energy efficient. This increased efficiency of physicality, space and time opens up the potential for exporing the innerworkings of our heart-mind.

In a timeframe that is different for each of us, the physical and breathing 'work' can translate into other areas of life; there is an invitation to change.
It doesn’t happen overnight, but with an earnest and regular practice, yoga can be a tool for understanding the world we each create and the world that creates us...and this might lead to a realisation about who we really are, and what truly matters.



A guiding hand to a meaningful practice.

I am inspired by the spark of curiosity. My interest is in nourishing that spark when there is an opening -- I light up when I encounter people as eager to explore the question 'who am I?' as 'how do I stand on my head?'. Whether you start with one question or the other, it all starts in showing up, in being ready.

My yoga practice has spanned several decades through iterations of a personally changing landscape, physically and mentally. This path has shined its light through moving continents, child birth, a liver transplant and two spinal surgeries, and more recently, major colorectal surgery. I have navigated understanding neurodiversity, and many hardships and joys in-between.

My teaching is influenced by several teachers and methods, and continues to evolve. The Jivamukti method of which I have been practicing for over 20 years and hold an Advanced Certification, resonates deeply for me and I appreciate it for being complete, balanced, musical, uplifting and action-oriented. This wholistic method of yoga focuses on cultivating practice as  skillful listening, devotion and responsibility for oneself and for the planet, leading to increased concentration and interconnectedness— all set to a rigorous asana practice.

Iyengar yoga has been a strong aspect of my asana and pranayama practice for over a decade. I love the attention to detail, specificity of alignment and exacting pranayama, all of which have deeply informed my teaching. Rolfing
® and Rolf Movement® have also played a formidable role in how I communicate explorative movement and the elements that define physicality in gravity and through space. Each of my lessons create an opportunity for expression and creativity that help to forge an inner relationship with the body-mind. 

Finally, the aging process, and the experience of illness and recovery, and living with a stoma, combined with recognising the importance of compassion and inquiry with oneself through movement has softened all of the above into a somatic, mindful movement spectrum between exploration and effort.

I find purpose in empowering practitioners and teachers alike to be curious, to learn how to move and be in touch with one’s own uniqueness from a place of curiosity, awareness and understanding...and to never assume there is only one approach to anything in life.




Yoga and Healing.

Private & Corporate.

Yoga as a healing modality has been pivotal in my own recovery. It has helped to reframe my life post-liver transplantation, to recover from two spinal surgeries, and to adapt and heal after colorectal surgery. Yoga has guided me in staying present to the changing circumstances that arise in life.

I have first-hand knowledge of trauma as well as a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology and psychology of the body. Please let me know if trauma or illness recovery are the points of healing for you prior to booking the session.

A portion of my time each week is dedicated to private yoga/mindful movement classes and corporate clients.

I have delivered back-care workshops, meditation practicums, group coaching to enhance the awareness of body language in a workplace, and many other bespoke educational content. I offer these sessions both over zoom, in person and as a hybrid.

I also teach in small groups  and one-to-one.



Videos on demand.

When you can’t make it to a class yet don’t have the inspiration or know-how to initiate a self-practice, online yoga resources can be a god-send. My friends at Movement for Modern Life have chosen some of the best teachers in the UK to bring a variety of classes to you, from beginning restorative classes to challenging sweaty beasts.

I have over 20 filmed classes on the site, everything from a full 90 minute alignment-based Jivamukti lesson, to short segments focusing on protection and recovery from illness and chair yoga. Have a look!


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