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Customise your ride: practice safe, practice smart


how to strengthen your practice in any yoga class

In the midst of the yoga backlash of articles that mention the many ways yoga can harm your body, one of the key elements of the practice seems to be overlooked. Yoga is ultimately about empowerment and self-responsibility. Being with yourself on your mat, not concerned with the person next to you or what the teacher may be pushing you to ‘do’ with your body, is a big challenge for the ego, but an endeavor with large rewards. The truth is, only you know what is safe and available for your body on any given day, so developing skillful listening, listening to your breath, to your inner teacher, is essential to a safe practice.

This workshop will be challenging for any practitioner, perhaps physically, perhaps mentally, as we look at the role of habit patterns and the ego . We will deconstruct postures into their building block components to ensure that any class you go to is a chance to feel energized, positive and well balanced.

Investigation of standing postures, twists, balances, backbends and inversions will ensure that whatever practice space or class level you may find yourself in, you not only survive, but thrive.

3 hrs, 30£, early bird special price until 1 week before workshop.

April 1, 1-4pm

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