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Yoga in New York

Just having come out of the Jivamukti Tribe Gathering in London last weekend, it was so inspiring to be in the presence of my teachers and friends for 5 days. It had been a whole (pregnant) year since I last saw Sharon and David, and since then so many transformations have taken place in my life. There was the birth of my son, the changes in my body and mind in adapting to motherhood, a change in living conditions and travel, not to mention a change in working conditions…and perhaps the most interesting and challenging, changes in my physical health that related directly in my mental perspective. That’s what the temporary body-mind state is like – we’re in a constant state of flux.

Being with Sharon, David, Jules, Lady Ruth and other phenomenal teachers over the weekend helped me to remember how important it is to be near to the teachings, and the teachers, so I’m on my way to NY at the beginning of January to reinforce this. Jivamukti New York is hosting Back to the Source: Master Classes with Sharon and David.

I’m looking into hostels and wonder, anyone have any tips for cheap, cheerful and safe beds downtown (841 Broadway)?

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