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Extended Class Alert: Asana + Insight at Indaba

Asana + Insight : Seeing the forest through the trees

March 20 at Indaba Yoga Studio 2:30-5pm

This extended class will shine a lens on the importance of dṛṣṭi in the practice of yoga. Dṛṣṭi is a Sanskrit term that means ‘gazing point’, and is a means by to develop a focused concentration on intention. Often times in the yoga practice, as with life, we get caught in rigid thought patterns that overly emphasize short term, superficial goals. This can lead us to a sense of short term happiness or ego-driven success (think, mastering a specific posture), but misses the point of a sustainable state of contentment that supersedes the ego’s sense of worth. The practice of yoga takes the long lens, but at the same time is clear about learning to develop tools that drive us back to presence in a concentrated effort. This class will involve pranayama, asana practice, chanting and meditation.

>Book here online or call 020 7724 9994

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