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workshop: february 25th 1:30-4pm


Most of us exist in day to day life with some level of chaos. In an urban environment, information seems like it is literally coming at us from all angles, and due to the ‘concrete’ nature of the jungle we live in, we don’t have many reminders of the patterns inherent in the real jungle. In this 2 1/2 hour workshop we will explore breaking through the chaos by aligning the breath with the structured, numerical sequencing found in ferns, nautilus shells, leaves and all of life. We will investigate how this translates into simple angular forms, moving into better understanding the spirals of the body and its senses, arriving at a place of balanced integration. Expect a well-rounded Jivamukti asana practice with attention to detail, some physical forms broken down, turned inside out and upside down, layered with breath work, chanting and meditation/relaxation.

February 25



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