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What are the chances?

After succumbing to the universal forces that prevented me from practicing on day four of my Yoga Challenge,  I arrived last night energized after teaching my first class in over a week. Walking through the door, I took one look at my husband who appeared pale and distressed.

“Bad news”, he said. “Sabrina’s boyfriend died of a brain tumor and she’s returning to France first thing tomorrow.” My heart skipped a beat as I flashed back to just over a week ago when I wondered fearfully if I might be dying.

Sabrina is our new-ish nanny, whom we didn’t know had a boyfriend, and whom found about said boyfriend’s death over the phone in front of my husband, who has lost several friends due to brain tumor. Apparently he had to console her which I can imagine, was quite surreal and emotional for him given his own losses.

The following hours were spent scouring the internet for emergency nanny cover as I sent emails to cancel appointments and texts to friends who may know a someone (anyone?) who could help out in a bind. There would be classes to teach, clients to re-book, and more significantly, the Rolfing Training Module Three starting in a day’s time. Should I miss it, I would have to drop out of the entire two and a half year training, having already completed the first half.

Magnificently and magically, little by little a ditch was carved with a teaspoon. A wonderful friend I hadn’t seen for over six months emailed me her friends’ details who will be able to help out through the weekend, and I made contact with several nanny placement agencies. I vow that this time around I am not taking any risks, as the stress and impact on myself and my son is becoming too burdensome, and too regular an occurrence.

Needless to say, after a morning at the hospital having blood work and other tests and a full day of playing with my darling yet demanding son while the other half of me dealt with the ongoing nanny crisis, I was ready for a yoga practice.

Throughout the day today I have been thinking of our nanny, which has taken the focus and absorption off of my own temporary discomfort. Life is so precious. At any time our seemingly strong bodies and invincible minds could be taken away from us. We do our best to control our lives, and even sometimes the lives of those around us, yet ultimately it is the lack of control that, when harnessed, brings us great power, strength and compassion.

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