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The benefits and challenges of outdoor asana practice

Of course, there are loads of distractions that aren’t present in a studio setting- passersby, sticks underfoot, squishy ground…we’re no longer in the confines of climate-controlled space- this is insect territory. There’s no better way to remind ourselves of our deep interconnections with all being than to share our mats with ladybirds, flies and bumblebees.

Balancing postures on soft grass make it easier to fall if we hold ourselves rigid, but are more forgiving when we allow the earth to envelop the natural curves of our feet; and we can throw caution to the wind with handstands knowing the natural padding will soften our fall.

For me, the outdoor practice space means letting go of time constraints and expectations of myself. I tap into the magic of the senses and marvel at the sunlight dancing on blades of grass and smells of green carried by fluttering wings.

I’m a part of the ecosystem. I’m here now.

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