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Salutation Nation

To Salute

To pay respect to or honor by some formal act; to address with expressions of goodwill, respect; to make a bow or other gesture to as in greeting, farewell, or respect; to express respect or praise for; honor; commend.


A large body of people associated with a particular or set of beliefs that is sufficiently conscious of its unity.

Amidst the backdrop of wars, droughts and other human-induced disaster around the world, there has never been a more important time for the global yoga movement to stand up, show solidarity in nonviolence and the spirit of togetherness. Each of us has a role to play in creating the world we live in through our thoughts words and actions. By doing all we can to create positive energy in and around us, we can manifest a better present for all animate beings. By practicing yoga on the mat with a satsang, friends with a common focus, a common good, in mind is one of the best ways to experience this. The outcome can be euphoric and contagious; the more happiness and positive energy created, the more people want to participate. After all, isn’t it most people’s innermost desire to be happy?

Hence the birth of Salutation Nation ,a nation-wide event launched last summer in the US by lululemon athletica to raise awareness about the physical and mental health benefits of yoga. The event was such a success that this year they have expanded their reach to include London.

I’m very humbled and honoured to have been asked to lead the outdoor yoga event, so please accept this a your invitation:

You are Cordially Invited to Salutation Nation,

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