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Practice Tip : August 2016 – Listen to the teacher.


Listen to the teacher.

So many times in a yoga class I have been called out.  I have stepped the wrong foot forward, had my foot where others had their head…looking at my pedicure, so to speak.  As the karmic wheel goes, I have been lucky enough to learn also from teaching, students are a reflection of myself in a different body to mirror back to me.

Let’s hope that teachers give verbal instruction for a reason. It is one of the reasons why people pay to attend a yoga class rather than practicing at home. Teachers are meant to teach, for all kinds of reasons.

Check out the focus of this month: We Must Listen to Our Own Voice. The inner listening practice of nadam means that when we go to  to a yoga class, listen through our preferences, projections and planning and learn to let it go. One aspect of the practice of yoga about vairāgyam, or non attachment. Be aware, take notice your patterns and how you choose to respond. What is serving you, and what is an old habit that is preventing you from feeling free and happy?

Every time we enter a yoga class it can act as a mirror into our state of mind and help us to better observe ourselves in relationship to the world.

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