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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge, Day 19: Gratitude

I have to admit, today I almost didn’t make it to Jeff’s class at the Life Centre at 2:15pm. I have been battling a little throat/chest infection and today after teaching and a bodywork session, I didn’t really feel up to rushing to make it to a yoga class. Nevertheless, I found myself at the Notting Hill studio well on time. Today is one of those days that reminds me how important it is to rise above a general feeling of malaise to reconnect with the breath and move the body, even when treading lightly.

The handful of times I have been to Jeff’s class I have always been able to release and deepen into slow, quiet space he creates through calming music and spacious vinyasa. There are options given throughout, and the sequences are simple and well balanced, stringing no more than three to four postures together on any one side before switching to the other side. As well as pranayama, meditation, sun salutations, standing and seated postures, there were several low backbends and optional time for headstand practice. I was able to fully relax in savasana and felt much better after the class than before. For this I am tremendously grateful to Jeff, and to that inner kick in the asana that got me to class today.

Same time, same place tomorrow, Zephyr Wildman. With a name like that, who wouldn’t be a little curious?

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