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Indaba Yoga Studio Opens its Doors…

It’s been a long wait, but hey, that’s why we practice…to stay present, patient, peaceful even when it appears that the London utilities sector is operating from another planet with it’s own language, concept of time, and rulebook. Om shanti.

I can say with conviction that Indaba will be open on Friday, June 17th, for it’s first open class at 4pm. Please come and gather here to practice! Bring your positive vibes to 18 Hayes Place, Marylebone NW1 6UA to see what all the buzz is about.  Big, sunlit studios, gorgeous parquet floors, spacious changing rooms and a Welcome Home feel.

I experienced my first class there last evening with Mark Kan as a ‘pre-opening’, and floated home after 90 minutes of handstand-optional vinyasas, jump to bakasanas and more pinchamayurasanas than my forearms are used to. None of that mattered, of course, when the main attraction was practicing with Mark. His ethereal body flitted in and out of inversions, arm balances and full body-binds; one minute wrapping his legs around his neck, the next minute inverting from handstand straight into hanumanasana. Inspiring? Yes. Exhausting? Oddly, no. I walked out of the classroom feeling as if I’d taken a little dose of lithe-ness from Mark himself.

Mark will be teaching at Indaba three times a week, with a whole slew of very talented, diverse, and wise teachers. Check out the schedule here>

Coincidentally, Ellen Walsh Moorman, the woman navigating the London utilities sector and dodging many other bullets with her Virabhadrasana – Princess cuffs (think, warrior princess meets wonderwoman) was on BBC London radio with Joanne Good this evening.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

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