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Day 8, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

After campaigning for nearly a week to go to the Acroyoga workshop (husband a little resentful of the 30 day challenge at the moment), I arrived 20 minutes late disheveled (those who know me, know how much I dislike being late to a yoga class!). When I walked into the room full of people in sun salutation mode followed by various ‘drills’ with detailed instruction, I was quickly swept up in ‘basing’, ‘spotting’ and ‘flying’; and as the afternoon went on it was apparent how much thought went into the drills and postures we took. Bryony and Anna were completely in-sync with one another, interchanging roles in the demonstrations, threading into each other’s sentences as they explained what the various roles would need to focus on in the postures, and generally being very at ease and at the same time, professional.

There is a huge element of trust in Acroyoga, and as they circulated the room they definitely had a finesse about making people feel comfortable. The workshop was fun, challenging and social. We changed up partners giving everyone a chance to interact, there was a break of 5-10 minutes where people continued to get acquainted, and in general it was a light-hearted afternoon that was completely different than a normal yoga class. I really recommend this to anyone who is open to trying new things with some degree of body awareness and a regular yoga practice.

The next workshop will be in February though the date has not yet been set. For more information you can contact Indaba Yoga Studio

Next up, Pilates with Anoushka Boone at the Life Centre Notting Hill, 12:30-2pm. For the rest of the week’s schedule, see it here

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