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Day 7, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Logistics proved challenging today, and unfortunately I was unable to make it to Graham’s class at the Life Centre. As a last minute effort to keep the challenge buoyant I went to the Jivamukti Yoga Centre London to Nick’s class who was filling in for another teacher. It’s funny how things happen in life that end up being what we need when we are open to letting go.

For the first time all week I went to a class that had a clear focus (provided by Sharon Gannon as Jivamukti’s focus of the month), and while the focus didn’t relate to any of the asana postures that we practiced, it was a balanced class with an even breath count. Nick had a pleasant easy going way about him and gave me a few strong and solid adjustments.

Practicing familiar movements can feel great, especially when they are energising and safe. This is one of many reasons I believe that when practiced in combination with other yoga styles, the Jivamukti method to be one of the most well-rounded contemporary yoga methods from a physical, intellectual and spiritual point of view. If you have difficulty making it to the centre in Kensal Rise or find it too limiting to practice at a centre that only offers one style of yoga, there are more and more Jivamukti classes available throughout London at other yoga studios, including at the Life Centre, Indaba, and Alchemy.

Next up, the Acroyoga Workshop at Indaba, Sunday from 1:45-4:45pm. Are you coming to play and feel great?

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