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Day 30, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Technically, today was the last day of the yoga challenge. Headed to Chelsea for Mollie McClelland’s vinyasa class, when I arrived I got signed in and told which studio to go to. There was no mention that the class was being covered by another teacher, so when I saw Gabi teaching, I wasnt sure I had the right studio. After double checking at the desk, they confirmed the class was being covered. It was nice to see Gabi, but in general it’s always better for a student to be told by the front desk when a different teacher than usual is teaching rather than being confused about whether they are in the right place.

Gabi taught a no frills, accessible Jivamukti class in place of Mollie’s ‘vinyasa flow’. While there wasn’t any strong theme, we chanted lokah samastah sukhinoh bhavantu (may all beings be happy, peaceful and free without acception) and the class was peppered with insights about the practice of yoga and how it relates to life off the mat. I got a few good adjustments and by the end of class momentarily felt like I was home while hearing the harmonium and chanting aum; such a small ritual but imbues the practice with so much resonance (for me). Afterwards, I was on time for Anoushka’s Pilates class without rushing.

I was very mindful today of my lack of control of the big picture. I decided not to rush, even if that meant missing one or both planned classes. I saw my time on the mat under Gabi’s guidance as what was meant to be rather that feeling let down that Mollie wasn’t there. Time at home with my son was spent being completely present for him without trying to accomplish any side projects. This level of awareness meant that today I could spend more time in my body with my breath, and I recognise that to do this every day my expectations of myself may have to be lowered. I’m ok with that, for now, anyway.

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