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Balancing work and motherhood

Since I started working again after my pregnancy, I’ve been trying to find a balance between spending precious time with my son and doing what I love – practicing and teaching yoga, and giving body therapies like massage and craniosacral treatments.

Having a little one around means that his needs always come first. This is the eighth time I’ve attempted to write this post, and counted at least 7 other posts in draft form that are likely to never be completed. Yesterday halfway through making spinach soup the presses stopped for two hours so I could teach Louis about the colours yellow and red (In case you’re wondering, Yellow is the sun, schoolbuses and daffodils; Red is for fireengines, cardinals and roses). The soup could wait, but sometimes things can’t wait…and then what? What else? I bring him with. Toilet stops, trips downstairs to meet the postman, emergency fire drills, answering the phone….they all happen with baby in tow.

I’m not sure that a balance is ever struck between motherhood and life outside of that, but rather it seems they begin to slowly meld into one another. Every day has to be taken as a new opportunity to be fluid, dynamic, flexible and very much tapped in with what is going on with my new best friend and playmate, and my clients…and most importantly, what’s going on with me. What do I have to offer the world today? What can I do for myself to bring balance into my life as I ride the untameable roller coaster called Motherhood? It’s a ride that, so far, has been more than a little out of balance but a whole lotta fun.

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