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A Quickie

A quick update as there are a few things in the pipeline in the lead up to the holidays.

-I will be teaching tonight at the Life Centre Islington 7:30-9pm. In January I will resume teaching this class weekly!

-Look for my upcoming post on Intention Setting, and register now for my new years day workshop at Indaba Yoga Studio

-I wouldn’t miss a year of the Yoga Challenge! Every year I spend the month of January challenging myself to take 30 classes in 30 days with 30 different yoga teachers at the various London studios, and of course, blog about it! This year I am looking for guest writers and guest joiners to come along on my experience. I do this not as a critique, but to get to know the other studios and teachers in London, and to challenge myself. Of course with my new liver in tact and my wound still healing, I may well be the one in the back taking it slow, but keep your eyes out in any event for the weekly schedule so you will know where to meet me! If you’d love for me to check out your studio or your yoga class, shoot me a message.

More soon.

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