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Upcoming, Week Two: Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge

This week’s Yoga Challenge begins tomorrow at The Life Centre, Islington at 9:30-10:45am with Lucy Bruegger. I had intended to have each week clearly planned at the beginning of the Challenge, but the sad reality is that I am not gifted at planning too far ahead. I guess it makes sense after being on the transplant list for nearly six months when I literally couldn’t plan more than a couple of days in advance, and in general anything further than a day or two is far enough away that I almost can’t envision it. Part of me has come to terms with this and feels that it may enable me to truly be present, but the other part of me recognizes that there are many things I miss out on due to a lack of planning. In any event, this week is bound to be a doozy with Rolfing starting up again (phase three), Louis starting school and my first week back to teaching yoga with a full schedule. My hope is that I can pull together a schedule for the rest of the week in a day or two, and then by halfway through the Challenge get the hang of planning ahead.

A word about the studios where I generally practice. My intention is to check out some of the newer studios I’ve not yet been to; Yotopia, Blue Cow, Sadhaka…but I all too often fall back into the habit of looking at the schedules of the three studios I work, as there are so many teachers whom I’ve not yet had the chance to learn from right at my back door, and I know and love the studios and their locations. I really hope I can make it to at least a few of the new places on my list, and I hope you’ll join me! Stay tuned…

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