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The Power of Three: Relationships of Triangulation and Transformation

An embodied yoga and explorative movement workshop

The number three is as mystical and powerful in the practice of yoga as it is in other ancient mystical traditions that provoke positive transformation. It is a fundamental structure of relationship, and imperative to the survival of a species. Triads are also the backbone of spirituality; there is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; and of course, the triad of relationship with ourself, the earth and one another.

This workshop will explore the building blocks of triangulation in a movement practice and why they are important in orienting to manifest positive change. We will take time to investigate these ideas proprioceptively, physically, as well as philosophically. Through this lens, expect an explorative movement warm up, a spacious asana practice with a focus on fascial conditioning, partner work, pranayama, meditation, chanting and discourse. A notebook will be helpful as we will be tracking our work together and there may also be some written exercises to help apply these ideas tangibly in your own life.

January 13th, 1:30-4:30pm at Indaba (book here)


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