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Putting the Head on Yoga Asana (the last workshop of 2014)

Workshop, The Architecture of Asana: Part 3 (The head and neck) Sunday, November 2nd, 1.30-4.30pm Indaba Yoga Studio, Marylebone

An awareness of the head, jaw and neck in asana practice is crucial to being balanced in body and mind; after all, it houses all of the nerves that help us to function physically and mentally. However, most of us have ongoing confusion about a myriad of details – anything from where the ‘crown’ of the head is, to the gazing point, or dristi. This three hour workshop will focus on the cranium and neck and their relationship in key asanas and pranayama. While it is a workshop and will have a slightly different pace than a normal 90 minute class, be prepared for a full asana practice as well as an asana lab at the end, where you can bring your questions.

Hope to see you there as it will be my last workshop in 2014.

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