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Pressing Pause : Creating Joy in Uncertain Times

Hello Friends, We are living through extra-ordinary times. Unprecedented times. Times that maybe even will give rise to social adaptations or environmental policies or folklore of the future. Who knows?

During this time I am wishing you health and wellbeing, physical and mental, and wanted to share with you a few ways that might help to stay strong and joyful, even if what you are experiencing at this moment is the discomfort of uncertainty and fear.

The reality is, being human is about uncertainty and fear. It’s just that the size of the uncertainty and fear varies – in our mind. That’s right, it’s in our mind. Uncertainty and fear are not real, but rather, are a figment of our imagination; they are projections into the future based on our past. These are escapist strategies that our mind employs sub-consciously to prevent us from being present. So, what’s so wrong with being present?

Well, our lives are being disrupted, the services and luxuries that we have gotten comfortable with over a period of time might not be available. We are being told that we might lose loved ones, or we ourselves might die. We might lose money. Or power. Or both. That’s a lot of mights, and a lot of loss. But none of that is happening in the present moment. As humans we are highly adaptable once we can get over the mind-fuck of not having exactly what we expect when we want it. We have something not many other species have, which is creative intelligence – when we can put ideas together and leapfrog to the unimagined, innovating by using all of our capacities. This only happens in the present moment.

Perhaps your work has changed. You may now have to work from home, or be the only one in the office, or have lost your work for a period of time. You may have ‘lost’ money in the stock market. You may be in the high risk category, like I am, and not know if it’s still safe to go out to the shop (it’s not!). You may be separated from your loved ones, worried for their health and wellbeing. You may even be unwell and told to self-isolate rather than get professional medical help. As horrid as you might feel, the mental anguish of not feeling seen or looked after properly can multiply the sensations of feeling poorly.

Each of us has our individual circumstance unfolding, yet each of us are together. We are connected, and now is the time, more than ever, to take stock, and to do the right thing.

Here are a few ways that you might be able to use this time to ensure that you stay well.

Physical Health: -Stay Hydrated. It is evidently important to drink a lot of water and warm tea. -Gargle with salt water and use a Neti pot with salt water to cleanse your nostrils. There is some evidence to note that the virus inhabits the air passage ways first, notably the nose and mouth. Warm salt water has been said to help to clear or kill the cells. Whilst there is no proof of this, it is a harmless practice that can cleanse the sinuses and vocal chords so why not? -Eat whole, plant based foods. There are endless recipes online that provide nutrition and energy to help keep you well. Be thoughtful in how and where you shop, don’t hoard but do make sure you have the provisions you need to prepare nourishing meals. Take time to be present and creative in this craft. If you are able, cook for a friend (who is sitting two metres from you!) -Get enough sleep and enough exercise. More on this below. Social distance. Now is the time, not later. By socially distancing yourself now, you will be making a difference to the lives of many people, and take yourself out of the exponential equation.

Mental Health: -Limit your consumption. Of media, social media and toilet paper! Notice if you begin to stockpile and stop! We can all only physically, mentally, emotionally plan for 2 weeks out. Choose your food consumption in the same way. -Stay home when you can. It will cause more mental anguish to go out and feel insecure about your environment and putting yourself in harm’s way. Do this for yourself as well as your loved ones. We are living in unprecedented times. Respect our collective health and socially distance yourself now. -Find something to capture your imagination and interest. Whether that is learning an instrument, reading a book, cooking or writing letters, get creative and explore new ways of reaching out, with your heart and intellect, not your hands. -Get outside! There is nothing like being in nature to calm and nourish. Whether that is taking a walk (if that is possible, I am aware some countries are now in total lockdown), gardening or sitting on a balcony. Listen to the birds. Feed them. -Take it one day at a time.

Lastly, if you would like to continue to practice yoga with a led and interactive class, please email me. I am starting experimental streaming classes this week to be rolled out next week.

With every good wish Loving you


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