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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge, Day Six: Changing the rules of the game?

As today became a skeleton of what it promised to be in my diary due to the ongoing nanny saga, I spent the majority of my time on the phone with various nanny leads, nanny placement agencies and rescheduling yoga/bodywork clients into my future life; my life with a reliable, kind, well-organized nanny to help me juggle motherhood, work and studies.

Several hours were dedicated to my son; playing, reading, feeding, bathing. Then there were my regular yoga classes to teach (as close as I would come to a group practice for the day) and the necessary cleaning of self and household coupled with ongoing discussions about the pros and cons of the 4 potential nanny candidates we will be meeting over the coming days.

It is because of this that my self-practice was boiled down to a 20 minute sun salutation in a back alley behind aforementioned nursery. The beauty of yoga. At the end of the day, you need nothing but a 2’x5′ space on the ground.

I should mention that since being out of the hospital I have been doing ten minutes of breathwork prior to sleep, which has helped my frenetic mind detach from the stresses of being nanny-less. One of the physicians in hospital told me that the leading cause of death from acute pancreatitis is pneumonia caught while in the hospital. Because the pancreas becomes inflamed, the diaphragm is prevented from dropping down on the inhale, so the breathing becomes shallow in the upper chest. This leads to stagnancy and disease in the bottom portion of the lungs. He noticed my great breath capacity as he went deep into my wrist for arteriol blood, and encouraged me to use that to regain my strength and immune system. It has brought me the added benefit of being able to sleep quite deeply; something that has never come very easily to me, even as a child.

As my husband and I are now sharing the extra parental duties, somewhere wedged between the emptying of the dishwasher and running out to teach my evening class, I managed to negotiate time tomorrow after my Rolfing training to get to a yoga class. Depending on what time that finishes, it may be yet another Dharma Class with the very lovely Jessica Puglie, checking back in at the Jivamukti Centre London, or going somewhere further afield; unlikely after a full day of studies but one never knows.

I’m beginning to think that the 30 day challenge may well turn into the 40 day challenge, with the goal of getting to a class every other day, at least until the current stormy seas die down into a more manageable tide akin with some semblance of a sustainable every day life. We shall see

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