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Lizzie’s Yoga Challenge 2014

Tomorrow I begin my Yoga Challenge for the third year in a row. I take one yoga class a day throughout the month of January, with a different yoga teacher each day and as many different yoga studios that I can manage to get to. I will do my best to post my schedule a few days in advance so that people who would like to join me can do so. iIt has been fourteen weeks this Thursday since my liver transplant so I am still in the recuperating and rebuilding phase, but this doesn’t prevent me from getting to class! The goal is for me to participate in a diversity of classes, to see where I am in my personal practice, and to hopefully connect with some new teachers and studios along the way. I have found it to be a good practice not just of yoga on the mat, but also as a practice in patience, withholding judgement, a writing exercise,  and time management. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to join me or have ideas about classes, teachers or studios you can recommend. Also, if you would like to be a guest blogger during the month, please get in touch. For those teachers I’ve heard from already, I promise to see you during the course of this month!

The schedule through the weekend is:

Thursday, Mimi Duo Keemer, Vinyasa Flow Open at Triyoga Primrose Hill from 3-4:30pm

Friday, Celest Perierra, Power Yoga at Indaba Yoga Studio from 2-3:30pm

Saturday, Kristi Johnson, Forrest Yoga at Indaba Yoga Studio from 11:45-1:15pm

Sunday, WILDCARD. To be decided and posted on Saturday, Jan 4th.

Hope to see you on the mat!

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