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Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 26: Grounding

I returned today to Triyoga Primrose Hill to attend Kate Walker (Harrell)’s 12:15-1:45pm class. I have a chance to get to Kate’s class with some regularity, and each time I leave feeling grounded and relaxed, the same way Kate comes across. Her vinyasa-based style is consistent with safe sequencing and instruction; her special gift is making her classes accessible to all levels without oversimplifying the physicality of asana.

The room was full, but despite this, Kate offered discriminating adjustments that addressed the primary point of misalignment without getting to stuck in to one person for the duration of the breath count. She played mellow music throughout, and starting the class with a short meditation allowed those rushing into class to settle down and settle in to their own practice, which Kate framed as being one of observing, or becoming the silent witness (sakshi in sanskrit) to the changing state of the mind.

I would categorize Kate as a teacher with a feminine, ‘soft’ quality, never pushing the student to go the extra mile, but rather, encouraging student to listen to what they need in the present moment. It is refreshing to go to a vinyasa-based class that enables the practitioner to slow down, and Kate is always a delight.

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