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Day 23, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Going into Anoushka’s class today, I knew what to expect as she is one of my regular weekly classes I go to when not doing the challenge. The best Pilates mat teacher I’ve found in London, Anoushka works with progressive sequencing incorporating asana in with classical Pilates and is hands on and exacting. There is no getting away with an unengaged (insert any bodypart here) in her class.

Unapologetic with those who arrive late, leave early or are too novice to be in a level 3 class, it’s refreshing to now where one stands with a teacher and what to expect. Many of the students in the class are Pilates teachers or trainees, and the class does fill up, so get there well in advance as class starts a few minutes early. I always leave feeling several inches taller and with a glimpse of what could be a waistline.

Tomorrow, Mark Hill covering for Kathy Roberts, 3:45-5:15at the Life Centre Notting Hill. I’m looking forward to yet another new-to-me teacher…

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