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Day 21, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

And on the 21st day there was rest. Feeling quite run down, I opted for a two hour nap today instead of rushing out to an afternoon class after teaching this morning followed by giving a 2 hr. Thai massage. I have to admit, I am a little let down as its the first day without a practice, and that was one of the points of the challenge. On the other hand, we all need sleep, and it’s something I often deprive myself of as I feel that nighttime is the only time I can get anything done! With Louis sick this past week and Xavier and I on the verge, we’ve been laying low this afternoon.

I have to admit that where my practice is concerned I feel a little leashed to the family, especially on the weekends. I adore my son and husband, but I would love to take more of the weekend workshops offered around town and feel more a part of the larger yoga community. Zhenja La Rosa is in town at Indaba Yoga Studios the next couple of weeks, and there are always some incredible teachers in town in various studios. In fact, I will be putting together my workshop wish list for winter/early spring in the next week.

Tomorrow I’m considering a couple of classes but will wait until morning to decide on which one. Husband has offered to watch Louis, so I want the class time to work for him….it’s a delicate balance.

I have heard stories of women leaving their husbands and children to follow their sadhana, their spiritual path, and while I don’t agree with the level of selfishness one must have to act upon that instinct (and love both too much to ever want to go that far), I sometimes dream of escaping off to India or South America or Africa for some self discovery through travel as I used to do. But then I remember, self discovery is happening right now, right here. I have a responsibility to my family, and that fuels my self discovery….even while sometimes impeding on my asana practice (and sleep). Lights out.

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