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Day 18, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Arriving in Primrose Hill, I found parking without incident and arrived early for Kate’s class. I even passed 3 other gwiz cars along the way, and all of them gave me the gwiz smile. So far, so good.

As the class began to fill up, I wondered if it would be the same Kate Walker whom I met yesterday at my class at the Life Centre, and if so, what a funny coincidence! Just before class was due to start, in she came. Indeed, the same Kate Walker I met the day before, and as it turns out, the same Kate I’ve been texting from time to time about cover classes.

With 20+ students in the class, we started in seated meditation, and moved on from there through a very well balanced vinyasa class, truly accessible for all levels of practice. Kate has a lovely clarity in her voice and instruction, is accessible, authentic, and, from what I could tell based on my parsvottanasana adjustment, has a great healing touch. Her breath count was even and continuous and the music, grounding. I’m a fan.

While we didn’t take any fuller backbends (although kapotasana and ‘wild thing’ into an optional urhdva danurasana do count!) and there was no sirsasana or sarvangasana, I felt balanced and renewed after class nonetheless. I also loved her comment at the end of the class ‘may we in the yoga community be more known for our open hearts than our open bodies’.

It was obvious that Kate is well loved by her students. After class no fewer than a handful of people came to say hello as she treated each with a heartfelt hug and beautiful smile. A rare gem in Primrose Hill.

Tomorrow may well be a double header. A test class at Indaba Yoga Studio followed by Una at Evolve. As little orphan Annie says… It’s only a day away …

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