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Wrapping up: Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge 2012

It’s been almost two weeks since ending the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and I have to admit this year I ended it with a sense of relief. Even sensing my lack of energy around this summary post gives me more insight as to how overburdened I was last month. Even the Challenge itself became tedious; another thing i had to ‘do’ rather than another adventure to enjoy. Perhaps because of the personal circumstances I found myself in when the challenge began, I found my biggest challenge to be in showing up and reporting back in a meaningful way. Of course, what meaning is to each and every one of us is different.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that I was engaged in the challenge in a more stressful period in my life. As cathartic as it may have been at the time to write about the daily dramas of my personal changing landscape, it is not why I started the challenge and it’s also not my intention behind my blog. My desire was to benefit the reader in some way by reporting on what is available in London as far as yoga classes are concerned. I let myself down by not attending classes daily and by not getting to the studios further afield. Nonetheless, there were some highlights, and even the classes that didn’t resonate as much for me offered something, whether it be a new take on a traditional asana, or a glimpse into my preferences and aversions.

The good news is yoga continues to be many different things to different people, and there are very many good teachers representing diverse methods of asana.

In the first of six visits, this month I will start travelling outside of my comfort zone to practice at studios I haven yet been to with teachers I haven’t yet met…any suggestions?

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