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What is the ecology of yoga?

Workshop July 16 2017

Indaba Yoga Studio


Sunday July 16th

The word yoga means two things: a practice and a state of being. Interestingly, while the state of being requires nothing except presence, the practices that lead to this state are limitless and dimensional, like an organic, matrixed framework that supports and sustains itself. What are the threads of this matrix? It is a tapestry that varies in texture and hue for each practitioner. A varied practice breeds sustainability and rich interconnections that feeds the body, mind and spirit, not unlike the fabric belonging to a vibrant forest or swampland, rich with biodiversity.

Sunday’s workshop will explore three frameworks that encourage a yogic perspective integrated into daily life. We will look at the Royal Path of Yoga (Rāja Yoga), otherwise known as the path of self-discipline and practice (also called Aśtanga yoga), as well other frames of understanding, including the Jivamukti method of yoga that includes five tenets set to a rigorous asana practice.

A mindful movement practice is often the most effective and available entry point for those wanting to break the cycle of sameness in their life. After all, we see the body changing and can feel it moving; it is something most of us feel more certainly than thoughts, breath or energy.

Samsāra means ‘same agitation’, or the common state of suffering most people can relate to in the day to day world of cause and effect. Very often people start an asana practice and cling to it, like hanging out by the doorway of an adventure park without ever stepping through the gates to enjoy the rides! This workshop will aim to open the door of the yoga and step inside the vast space of practices that encourage a multi-mirrored palace of self-reflection. Participants will have the opportunity to knit together their own living ecology of a practice designed to change, adapt and grow over time as we also change, adapt and grow.

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