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Top ten gifts for the yogi (who needs no thing)

Well, well, it’s that timeout year for those of us living in the world going to homes where gifts are exchanged around the holidays. Not in need of anything, why not ask for something that could help to deepen your practice? Here are my top ten Nice to Have gifts for any practicing Yogi.

10. Mala beads from A shop within a shop, etsy makes it easy to find boutique, handmade items that are right for you. For mala beads, try sellers Lovepray Jewellry,or Sevgi (seen in the photo)

9. Yoga and Vegetarianism, Sharon Gannon A succinct explanation of the ethical practices of yoga as they relate to a vegan diet.

8. The Warrior Within through the a Bhagavad Gita, Manorama Manorama is inspiring, down to earth and living wisdom. Study the dormant energy within by listening to this CD time and time again, and become who You Are.

7. Light on Life, BKS Iyengar A must read every year, connect your practice to your life and relish in Iyengar’s infinite wisdom.

6. Dharma Talks with Tias Little An eloquent, exuberant teacher, dharma talks 1-4 are interesting, enriching and enlightening. Tias has the gift of weaving diverse traditions together into a seamless narrative.

5. Living without Stress or Fear, Thich Nhat Hanh The sweetness of Thay’s message helps us to smile at our basic human instincts and embodies compassion. Any CD by this vietnamese Buddhist monk will have immediate calming effects and help transform negative energy into positive action.

4. When Things Fall Apart, Pema Chodron An American Tibetan Monk, Pema is relatable, funny and modest. Also highly recommended, Getting Unstuck.

3. Sharon Gannon and David Life, The Spoken Word Series Sharon Gannon and David Life’s unabashedly straightforward and honest approach to yoga, vegetarianism and animal rights makes no apologies for its honesty and deep insight. Amazing teachers who continue to inspire, inquire and evolve.

2. Wisdom and Practice, BKS Iyengar A wonderful reference documenting the life of a living yogic master, his practice and his writings. Beautiful images and interwoven texts.

1. The Yoga Matrix, DVD set by Richard Freeman A brilliant, comprehensive listen worth revisiting again and again, encompasses the Ashtanga system in depth from a master practitioner.

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