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The Love Chip


I am sitting on a half-empty plane to Munich, awaiting departure. While walking down the ramp to the departures gate, several planes are taking off. As they lift up into the air, each of them explode into black smoke bursting with red, orange and yellow flames, pieces of shrapnel jetting into the sky. At that moment I realise I’ve had the ‘Fear Chip’ implanted into my mind.

Over the past few days since the most recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris, I haven’t felt myself. I have been confused, preoccupied, and sad. My mind has wandered into obscene story lines of atrocity and destruction inspired only by the senseless violence that we are getting to know now as the ‘new normal’.

How can it be that thousands of young people would want to kill and be killed? I have gone deep into this question as to how we, as a civilisation, could create the opportunity for this to happen! And of course there are many disturbing answers. Life is messy, and there is a lot of suffering. What has brought me out of these glimpses of post-apocalyptic landscapes and sobbing moments of grief is remembering my true nature, and the true nature of every living being. Every single one of us here on earth has the same potential for Love. It is our true nature.

Knowing that many of us are feeling comprised, threatened, angry, scared and even violated as a result of more frequent and documented terrorist attacks, is a powerful reminder of how precious life is. Each moment now, as it always was, is nothing short of a miracle; a quantum physics equation where truly anything and everything might unfold. Just as ignorance, cruelty and aggressive behaviour may be possible, so too may be love, respect and peace. We can only be responsible for our own actions, and in taking responsibility and choosing kindness and compassion, we are a ‘love chip’ to implant into others by living simply with loving intention, word and action.

This is the moment to become more aware of how we relate to all beings; this is the moment to nourish another being in need. This is the moment to look inwardly and outwardly, to connect our eyes into the soul of another without fear, with love. In any given moment there is the chance to stop the mental conditioning that is intended though the media, the conditioning of fear, the condoning of violence and hatred. Stop, and reawaken into the present moment with kindness, with softness, with compassion. We need to be brave, we need to be strong. We need to remember we are Love itself.

#love #responsetoterrorattacks #stayingstronginthefaceofadversity #thelovechip

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