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Patterning Our Nature

Sometimes life seems to be utter chaos. But everwhere you look, there are patterns. Patterns in the weather, patterns in leaf and tree formations, patterns in human nature. Leonardo Bonacci, otherwise known as Fibonacci, popularised the Hindu-Arabic numerical system into his own numerical sequence which seems to be embedded as the 'dna' of the natural world. Long before him, the Egyptians were using the same ratio to build things like the great pyramids.

While the human physical form is also created under that lens, the human psyche can be more difficult to unlock, yet it too, shows up everywhere as a unique coded footprint that each of us contains as we roam the earth making our individual stamp on the world, however small or large that might be.

The next Playshop is called Patterning Our Nature. This two hour yoga asana workshop will aim to shine a light on authentic and shared patterns that shape our bodies and minds. There will be a chance for inquiry as to which serve you in good steed, and which may have started as way of managing in life for a reason, but no longer are useful. In other words, somewhere along the line, the goal posts shifted, but the imprint of the old playing field still reigns supreme in the way your body, or mind navigates the world.

The workshop is 2 hours and will consist of chanting, philosophy (shastra), asana, pranayama and meditation. It might be useful to bring a pen/paper.

November 15th, Marindin Hall, Frensham


please come early if you like for chai, chanting and a chat

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