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October: the month for revisiting old haunts

Sometimes a long time can go by without seeing old friends and family. We can even design our lives in this way, to avoid or forget moments or passages that have been painful. When the body and mind are ready for reflection, movement and change, it can be a moment of intense transformation and self-reflection to revisit those people and places.

Today is the day. In fact, October is the month for me, to do such work. It started with a small idea proposed by a friend, to go to a class with a yoga teacher whom I haven’t seen for over a year and a half. After witnessing said teacher being rather aggressive and unkind to several students over an eighteen month period, myself included, I decided to take a stand and stop attending his classes. I chose to share this with him and thanked him for demonstrating the best and worst qualities in a teacher.

A lot like the weather(crisp, fresh and transitional), I feel ready now to experience the class and teacher with fresh eyes. In fact, I have extended this concept beyond the one class into a vast ocean of intelligence that awaits as I deem October my month to revisit old haunts. Time to pull the skeletons out of the closet and go dancing. Stay tuned…

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