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Going Home

After a frank talk with the doctor, it seems he is reasonably happy for me to be discharged (insert multiple exclamations be smileys here).

As they are still uncertain of why I became ill, I will need to return to give blood and keep in contact as things could start to deteriorate at any time. The doctor agreed with me that due to diet and environment, my chances of getting better may be improved by going home.

Of course, this impending freedom comes with fears and doubts. I have been educating myself about the pancreas and its relationship to the liver and digestion, and certainly doesn’t seem like something to mess around with. It’s a good reminder to listen to my most sensitive antennae, my body, for clues about how I am. When unwell, far better to see a doctor or have blood taken then prolong it in hopes it will go away.

My last observation is that doctors knowledge is very important, but not the end all, be all. They have a lens into the scientific body that is part of the story, but not complete or final in any way. The more we as patients can be engaged, curious and intelligent in our own observations, the more helpful it is to the doctors to identify a possible diagnosis.

And now, time to pack up! Happy New Year’s Day.

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