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dear diary: The Hive Mind – a call for community

Self-isolation day 07

This is an invitation, a calling out to all your Hive-Minded Yogis and friends who are working on an inspiring project, have a great plant-based recipe, are cultivating your garden and have some tips, or just wish to say hello and share a little bit about yourself and your current situation. During these times of social distancing and isolation it is important to have a shared space to celebrate the small victories, to stay positive and to practice yoga.

Humans have survived through many catastrophes and obstacles largely because of our shared story, our curiosity and our desire to be together. The tribe works best when we know each other and can share our special skills and talents to help one another, especially in times of hardship. You are musicians, bread bakers, writers, artists, humans who each are important and have something to contribute…I want to hear from all of you!

You will see on the homepage there are three beehive boxes. The idea is to put your creative content here, either linking to your website, a website you recommend, or for me to post content for you on my site. This is for our community, for expression and meaning.


  1. Consider something you would like to put out there. Something positive and useful for the group, or just a way for you to express yourself. How you are feeling, something wonderful or something you are struggling with.

  2. Email it to me, here. Guidelines for pictures are at least 702 x 539 pixels, you can email me a link to your project or website, or send me content and I can post the content for you.

  3. Post will stay up a week.

  4. No funny business, if I deem any content inappropriate I will simply not post it!

It’s an experiment, would you like to take part?

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