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Day 2, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

I attended a class at Triyoga Chelsea today with Keef Miles as day 2 of my yoga challenge. I don’t often attend classes at this studio, and always find it interesting when returning to a place after some time what is brought to my attention. As with the my other visits, the stark whiteness of the space struck me.

Approaching the first floor, however,  the cafe, it’s long community table and store are inviting and spacious, and the open windows are particularly spectacular on a day like today with blue sky and light pouring in. I thought for a brief moment of browsing the shop and having a cup of tea before remembering my class was due to begin at that very moment.

When I approached the front desk it’s a pity I felt so rushed by the front desk staff to hurry to get into the room. In fairness, I did arrive right at 13.15 as class was starting, but the emphasis on getting into the class as fast as possible wasn’t necessary as I didn’t actually miss any more than a minute of the dharma talk. Personally, I find feeling hurried inside a yoga studio’s doors a bit like turning up to a restaurant with no food available to serve. The very purpose of  attending a yoga class is to slow down, to create space and to leave the rush of everyday life behind.

Keef was a kind and knowledgeable teacher and the class felt well-sequenced. We did several different partner postures which felt great even if a bit on the touchy-feely side (stand face to face with your partner, close your eyes, outstretch your arms, open your eyes and give each other a hug). While I didn’t recieve any adjustments myself, I heard Keef helping others who most needed it without impeding on the speed or dynamic of the class. The only comment I would make is that for an hour and 15 minute level 2-3 class, the number of partner postures slowed the class down to what felt like a level 1-2 class, although variations were available for more advanced practitioners. It’s a pity there were no inversions at all and only 1 seated posture. Having said this, I haven’t taken many Anusara classes so am not at all informed of what a regular 2-3 level class is like and what asana prerequisites, if any, there are.

I’ll be back to Triyoga Chelsea later in the month, and hope to have a chance to practice with Keef again in the coming year.

Next up: Dynamic Yoga all levels with Mimi Kuo-Deemer every Tuesday at the Life Centre Notting Hill (just after my Jivamukti yoga class from 12.45-2pm!)

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