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Day 12, Lizzie’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge

It was nice to be back at the Iyengar Institute for Richard’s class today. While there is a rather serious air to the space and many of the students (many of whom are also teachers there), at the same time it is a quiet refuge with an authenticity worthy of receiving Mr. Iyengar himself.

Richard has 36 years of teaching experience and a modest, quiet nature. He often has left the room by the end of savasana making it nearly impossible to thank him for his pearls of wisdom. Every class is challenging, well-sequenced and philosophical.

Today was one of the more challenging Iyengar classes that I’ve ever been to, focusing on lifting the backs of the armpits, plugging the extremity muscles and bones into their counterparts like a ‘mortor and pestle’. I think its safe to say I worked harder in that class than any so far during the challenge.

On the agenda tomorrow is Elinore Burke’s Astanga class, but schedule is changing so I may change it up at the last minute. Also on the agenda is Claudia Dossena’s Iyengar class at Indaba on Saturday at 11:15. Sunday is a wild card. Stay tuned.

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