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Back to school

Amidst preparations of an autumn retreat (stay tuned!), an upcoming decades milestone (40, how did you turn up so fast?), holiday planning, website relaunch preparations and daily life with a 2+, somehow I’ve managed to enroll and get accepted into the first London-based Rolfing Program. It starts today.

I haven’t been blogging as much as I’d like to given the above, and I have to say I’m missing thinking through the concepts that present themselves on a daily basis.

One such concept has been surrounding turning 40. It has taken me time to process what appears to be a mere number in a human convention such as time. What did I think I’d be doing at 40 10 years ago, with whom? It has given me reason to reflect on what expectations I’ve set for myself over the years and whether I am ready to let go of those goal irrespective of whether I’ve met them or not. It has also given me pause to evaluate why society sees 40 as a turning point, and whether I can use it to tidy up mental, physical and emotional spaces in my life. Of course, June 26 is just another day, and the world won’t stop or change or become dark with overhanging storm clouds (I hope!) But the slow lead up to the transition of a number 9 to a 0 and a 3 to a 4 is another reminder that everything is changing around us all the time and none of use will ever be as young as we are today!

And today is a day worth waiting for. I have been intrigued by the principles of Rolfing ever since my Rolfer first laid her strong, intuitive hands on my imbalanced body, and here I am, eighteen months later, having this magnificent opportunity to officially go back to doing what I love best, being a student.

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