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…and then there is life…

If ever a day could go pear shaped, it would look a little bit like my day today. I didn’t make it to Tanya Mickwitz’s class, nor did I make it to teach my own regularly scheduled class. Instead, life happened. I arrived home in the afternoon with my son unable to walk and complaining of knee pain, which turned into a doctor’s visit and all kinds of speculation about what the problem may be. Thankfully, there was no rushing to hospital to have further tests done this evening, and according to a basic examination, all looks to be normal. The true test will be tomorrow morning, which will either take me to unexpected places and appointments with a non-walking Louis in tow, or be more in line with what I had planned in the agenda…but then, most days are kind of like that in some way.

I am scheduled to see a woman tomorrow who had her bed next to mine after her double transplant of kidney and liver. For months now she has not had the same good fortune as I, and emails in the ICU after her transplanted liver failed. She has been struggling to stay alive, and for a little while we lost touch. I was really hoping to see her tomorrow, but we shall see. Things always have a way of working out, not necessarily how we expect.

Meanwhile, the Yoga Challenge goes on. I did manage to go to two classes this morning before things started to fall apart; a Pilates class and a yoga test class. Technically speaking, I suppose I fulfilled my goal, though neither were on my practice list. That’s how life goes. Here’s to tomorrow.

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