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An Invitation

Daily I am reminded of the preciousness of life. Continually humbled by the rich and vibrant outpouring of support and love by both those whom I have the good grace to know and strangers alike, it brings a beat to my heart and a sense of great gratitude.

On Tuesday evening, the 16th of April at 8pm at Indaba Yoga Studio, a group of very special women have organized a kirtan to raise the roof and raise the healing intention on my behalf. I have the good fortune to have two days behind me at home with my pillars of stability, my mother and my husband, and my reason to smile, my son, so that I may manifest being present for this beautiful love vibration.

The kirtan will be led by Nikki Slade, a woman who helped me find my voice again after I had a trauma to the throat following an emergency procedure in 2009, and organized by a phenomenal teacher and friend, Leila Sadaghee. None of this would be possible without one of my dearest friends, Ellen Walsh Moorman, enthusiastically and selflessly working behind the scenes. I’m so very thankful to everyone who can be there to participate. If you are in London, please come.

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