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Workshop: The Spinal Engine, Origins of Movement to register

In day to day life, many of us take for granted the role of our spine and how it relates to basic mobility, not to mention the yoga practice and other forms of movement. Beyond it’s role as the superhighway for nervous system and organ function, the spine is the engine that is responsible for our physical actions; it is the origin for our every movement and every breath.

This workshop will explore the spine and it’s complex role, both in every day movements like sitting, standing, walking and running, but also in the context of the yoga practice.

Special time will be spent in understanding and embodying the world of fascia, the connective tissue that creates, or limits, the space between the nerves, muscles and bones. This space, or lack thereof, means that fulcrums in the body change the way we move and use the spine. Like the spine, the fascial tissue helps us hold a shape in gravity, and we investigate what that relationship means to overall health, particularly as it relates to understanding one’s own safe boundaries for the spine.

In this workshop, participants will gain :

• An understanding of the spine and it’s relationship to the whole body • The role of fascia as both a ‘glue’ and a salve to integrating holistic movement • How to protect and strengthen the spine in day to day life and in the yoga practice • An understanding of one’s individual boundaries of limitation and potential for safe spinal movement • A down-tempo vinyasa practice with a lens on the spine.

This workshop will include lecture, discussion, movement exploration, breath work and asana practice. Open to movement teachers, athletes, bodyworkers and yoga practitioners with over 2 years of experience.


You will recieve a certificate of attendance.


Yoga Campus- Finsbury Park December 2, 1:30-5pm

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