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The Spinal Engine ii: Orientation and Directionality of Movement

March 10, 2019 | 9:30-5:30pm | The Yoga Campus, Finsbury Park BOOK ONLINE HERE

This day-long workshop will take a comprehensive look at spinal health and its relationship to movement. It is intended for yoga practitioners and teachers, those with back pain or just a healthy curiosity about how to maintain a resilient spine at any age.

In this second instalment of The Spinal Engine workshop, we will begin with an overview of the origins of movement in the spine and its interconnected segments, starting with moving through the pelvis and relationship to the lower back as a recap of the first workshop, and for those joining the group for the first time. The afternoon will connect the thoracic rib spine up through the shoulder girdle, cervical spine and its relationship to the cranium.

In day to day life, many of us take for granted the role of our spine and how it relates to basic mobility, not to mention the yoga practice and other forms of enhanced movement. Beyond its role as the superhighway for nervous system and organ function, the spine is the engine that is responsible for our physical actions; it is the origin for our every and every breath.

This workshop will address the basic patterns of flexion, extension, side bending and torsion through the lens of the fascia, the connective tissue that creates space as well as adhesion, the organ of proprioception that connects every organ and muscle via the spine.

In this workshop, participants will gain :

  1. An understanding of the spine and its relationship to movement

  2. The role of fascia as both a ‘glue’ and a salve to integrating holistic movement

  3. How to protect and strengthen the spine in day to day life and in the yoga practice through varied movement patterns

  4. An understanding of one’s individual boundaries of limitation and potential for safe spinal movement

  5. A spinal asana practice open for all levels, with a special focus on front and back extension as it relates to torsion (back bends, forward bends and twists)

This workshop will include lecture, discussion, movement exploration, breath work and asana practice. There will be a one hour lunch break.

Open to yoga practitioners and teachers, and anyone with a movement practice of some sort. Two years of movement experience recommended.


You will receive a Yogacampus certificate of completion.

“Thought the course was very helpful and learned a great deal about spinal alignments! Margie Katzke on The Spinal Engine: Origins of Movement, November 2018″

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