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The Medical Skinny

What a difference a day makes. This morning I awoke to intense pain in my right abdomen, nausea, and a little increase in jaundice. Within an hour of waking up I was informed I would be going for yet another liver biopsy (my 3rd so far post- transplant), definitely not one of my favorite procedures as they have to insert a wire down my transjugular vein and take microscopic tools down the tube that then dialate and enable collection of liver tissue. The reason for doing this is to ensure that regular rejection is happening rather than infection or abnormal rejection, as my first biopsy suggested.

As I was meant to be going home today, my mother and Xavier had not planned to visit, especially as my best friend from the Netherlands would be coming in for a long weekend to lend support. Nevertheless, I texted both mother and husband to see if someone could be there with me. I realized time was tight and neither may make it in time. Luckily, as I was being carted down to the theatre, the lovely and beautiful Emma Henry arrived to hold my hand. By the time we got down to theatre I was feeling calm and protected. My mother arrived ten minutes thereafter followed by Xavier. Marielle was next, fresh off the airplane from Eindhoven, and finally my guardian angel, Ellen. Six of us huddled behind the pre-op curtain and I tell you, I have never felt so loved.

The good news is the biopsy showed normal rejection. However, with my white cells elevated (infection fighting cells) along with my bilirubin elevated (the bile making me appear a tinge jaundiced) and a fever, they have also decided to treat with IV antibiotics as there is a good chance I am fighting a little infection.

So here I am, relieved to be staying in the hospital to get the medical attention I need, and feeling very blessed, nurtured and loved by so many people who care about me! Lastly, hoping to reunite with my dearest beloved, my son Louis, sometime in hospital over the weekend.

Tonight? Sleep, in the form of a tablet. The nurses recommended it, and it sounds like a pretty good idea to me after the past 24 hours I’ve had. Goodnight!

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