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Spinning around the sun


Someone recently told me that I should visualize taking my head off of my body to see the world differently, implying that I over analyze aspects of life. She might be right.

Nonetheless, if we would only pause to consider the magnificence of us tiny earthlings spinning around in outer space at 1000 miles an hour clinging to a giant ball of molten rock, not because be want to, but because of the universe’s wacky laws of gravity…well, suddenly the woes of Brexit, Trump and other warning signs that the man-made constructs of civilization are falling apart would not seem so disastrous.

What we have managed to create as human beings is nothing short of the miracle that we are – beautiful and benevolent, horrific and destructive. There is so much we all take for granted as 21st century universal travelers, many people seem to have more than enough time to worry about how much money is in the bank or what fake boundary line we are a part of; moreover, most of us believe that their happiness will be determined by these things. We don’t pause to consider that these constructs are as man-made as a Twinkie, yet we willingly consume these concepts into our consciousness and pin our hopes, dreams, and life plans on these things. We somehow fail to see that by shifting our perspective – to a focus on making the earth, of whom we owe are entire existence, a more beautiful, peaceful, sustainable place – we might actually attain a level of lasting state of bliss.

One hour ago I completed my 44th trip around the sun, yet I have spent half of my life taking that primal relationship for granted. If there is one thing that becomes clearer with each solar journey that I take, it is how interconnected we all are to one another by this enormous fireball that levels the playing field for sentient beings.

I have spent many years living in fear, and have even allowed that fear to disrupt important, loving relationships. Insecurities in the form of anger, jealousy and resentment are a part of being human, for we all have an ego which affords the mind a great opportunity to judge, compare, contrast and tell stories. As we age, however, we also gain perspective, and with that perspective comes an increase in choice. More and more, with perspective, time and observation, we can assess (dare I say analyze) how we want to be, and choose not to indulge in the outcrops of fear.

I doubt I will wake up tomorrow as a 44 year old woman with all of my fears having vanished over night or all severed relationships mended. It does give me some peace of mind though, to have learned some ways of being okay with my past actions, and living with whatever fears I choose to carry around, whether I ever learn to take my head off or not.

I feel very blessed to have to opportunity to continue to learn from myself and others, to observe the changes in and around me, and to be a part of the fabric of life as we cling to this tiny, enormous blue-green ball spinning with a great amount of precision and chaos into the abyss of unknown space. The least we can do is to do our best to find kindness in our kinship, and to enjoy the ride.

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