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Smoked Garlic and Roasted Cauliflower Soup

This is one of my favourite, easy soup recipes. If you like cauliflower and garlic, there are lots of ways to dress it up, like adding in a hot pepper or chilli oil drizzled on top, heaping on the nutritional yeast, or embellishing with fresh herbs. Here we go for the basic recipe.

You will need:

-1 head of caulflower

-1 head of smoked garlic which you can find at most farm stores or specialty shops (not sure how to smoke your own, but you might try putting it in foil on a fire)* if you don’t have smoked garlic, any head of raw garlic will do

-1 large onion

-vegetable bouillon

-1 litre water

-sea salt

-olive oil


Rough cut the cauliflower and large onion. Garlic cloves or whole head can go on same pan to be roasted coated in generous amounts of olive oil and sea salt. Roast approx 45 minutes on 210 Celsius, or until cauliflower is well browned.

On hob, boil water, 1 heaping tablespoon bouillon or two cubes, and add cauliflower, onion and peeled garlic.

Blend in Vitamix or similar, not too smooth!

Garnish and eat. Tell me about your successful variations! I like a little red chili pepper, coriander and nutritional yeast on top with home made spelt bread, but it is delicious with fresh parsley as well.

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