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Sattvic Wholesome Diets for Babies

As I delve deeper into the best diet choices for my son as he relates to all beings on the planet, I fed him his first line-caught cod this week. After speaking to a child nutritionist, a couple of trusted vegan friends with young babies and my doctors, it became apparent that the one thing LouisB is missing out on in his current diet are the B vitamins, that he won’t get except for either in supplemental form or from fish. The idea is to give him the most sattvic diet possible without having to use supplements – after all, he is only 10 months old and was born 7 1/2 weeks early. He needs the best wholesome nutrition possible while doing the least harm.

I feel ok feeding him fish in this way a few times a week, especially if I can spend the time while I feed him to inspire kindness and compassion within. He should know where his food comes from, who helps to bring it to his plate and what beings suffer so that he can get properly nourished. All this can be articulated in fun little stories and songs that aim not to instill a feeling of guilt, but rather, admiration and mindfulness. Sometimes I get the feeling he knows exactly what I’m talking about, but sometimes he’s more interested in getting it all over his face.

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