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Putting the Holy in Holiday

Every year the marketing of the Christmas holiday seems to inch closer and closer to the marketing of Halloween. It seems to be less and less about kindness, true generosity and gratitude, more and more about the Black Friday sales and consumerism. Here’s my list of the top five ways to sprinkle divinity into our modern concept into ’tis the season.

  1. Less is more. Why not consciously plan to buy less this year? How about choosing 1 special gift per person and make a special effort to wrap it with care, chanting a little mantra while you wrap (try Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu | may all beings be happy, peaceful and free).

  2. Buy environmentally friendly, ecologically sound, animal free gifts. Dare to care about the earth we are a part of. If you are looking for faux leather and fur products, try Hoodlamb for amazingly warm hemp coats, hats and hoodies, Beyond Skin for vegan shoes, or Matt and Nat for amazing leather free bags, wallets, belts and more.

  3. Choose to go vegan for the holidays. Making a nut roast, a special vegan apple cake or butternut squash soup that the whole table can enjoy is a great way to spread cheer way beyond your dinner table. You make the animals and planet happier too!

  4. Take time out to practice yoga. Whether you can sneak out to a local class, have a practice of your own, or need some online inspiration, there are plenty of ways to get out of family drama and tend to the temple of your soul – your body!

  5. Patience is a virtue. When all else fails and the Rolling Stones song You Can’t Always Get What You Want plagues your gift getting experience, turn it around and give a meal to a homeless person, carry birdseed for the birds, spend an extra fiver on a local charity. If all else fails, wait for the sales!

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