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Learn how to Survive and Thrive

If you consider yourself a Survivor, you may be feeling an inner strength that is unique. You may have ongoing fear of whatever it is you may have overcome; you may even have stress, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the event which you have ‘overcome’.

Often times society assumes that to have survived something means that you have come out the other end stronger, more self-aware…enlightened. For far too many, however, survival means that the post-apocalyptic day to day is one of feeling weak, fearful and limited.

I consider myself a survivor. 3 years ago I had a liver transplant that saved my life. After 59 days in the hospital, countless procedures, drains in my body, scans and overcoming a hospital borne illness, on the 60th day I went home.

I did my best with the skills I have learned as a yoga teacher and body worker to get myself back into some level of physical shape, but depression, anger and fear overcame me after only a few months. I  was eventually diagnosed with PTSD.

I was not prepared or informed to know how do process and heal myself, but over the course of two years I have educated myself, used yoga as a tool and a lifeline, and explored other therapeutic and physical methods for building stamina and emotional release. My desire is to now share what I have learned so that those of us who feel we have survived a major event in our lives can move on from merely surviving and learn to thrive.

I will be offering a course in early 2017 with limited capacity, as well as hosting a dinner talk. Please email me if you would like to be kept up to date as these plans develop.

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