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It’s not that the other days have been bad, but…

What a difference twenty-four hours can make. After yet another sleepless night (crazy talk, I tell you), I spend the early hours taking walks around the ward. I noticed that my pain level had dropped, and my wee was returning to a beautiful golden yellow from the deeper orange that it briefly had gone during my heightened bilirubin levels. Indeed, the doctors came in their morning rounds to deliver good news; not only was my bilirubin down from 90 to 17 (below 20 is normal; I had lived for the past 4-5 years with it between 50 and 200); but all my liver enzymes were dropping substantially: very good news. Today I’ve been walking, doing some stair work, and check it! Some stretches akin to yoga postures. And if that weren’t enough, special visits from special people all day long, heightened by a visit from my beautiful little boy! First time we’ve seen each other in eighteen days. How wonderful. All this goodness rounded off with a scrumptious pizza dinner from Mimo de Bufalo among dear friends.

I’m so grateful for the quick minds of the amazing team of doctors and nurses who knew just what to do when things took a turn for the worse on Friday; everyone had such diligence about following through all weekend. I’m also very blessed that I did not go home prematurely. I was and continue to be in the right place right now. Patience will help the team assess when I’m truly stable and ready to return to my other family in London. Here’s to good eating turned into good sleeping!

And for a good chin-wag:




Ps. Oh! Half of my sutures came out together with one side drain closed….yes, a good day…

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