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How to make a Paper Maché Vase

This from my dear friend Kristen Watson Geering, who lives in Switzerland and has her own yoga studio in Basel. (Follow her @breathewithin)

1. grab newspaper- enough to lie down to protect surface and cut into strips 2. mix ration about 1-2 parts flour to water into bowl 3. grab vessel you want to cover- a bottle a bowl (can cover w aluminum foil or plastic wrap and when dry-slips out to leave a form), lightbulb-when hit breaks glass inside and makes a shaker, ballon, get creative. 4. dip strip of paper into liquid paste and run fingers down to take excess off and apply on object. smooth. 5. every so often put a dry strip on and it will help collect excess water

6. repeat a few layers. if making a shaker make a lot of layers. 7. last layer -cover stems from small leaves or flowers you picked to decorate form to “glue on” 8. dry over night 9. paint as you like with poster paint, acrylic or anything else! Glaze will make it shiny.

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